Training & Development

We believe that training is a necessary part of professional’s overall development. Even if a professional is enlightened, he/she needs a specific training in order to triumph in the particular fields. Owing to all this, we provide Training & Development services depending upon the need.

Scope of Training & Development:

  • Leadership, Emotional intelligence
  • Time and Task Management
  • Analytical Thinking and Decision Making
  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Managerial Skills, Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills, Team Building
  • Soft skill training for management trainees
  • Stress Management, HR for Line Managers
  • Interviewing Skills, Mentoring and Coaching

Manpower Outsourcing

Due to the complexity of the task of Manpower Outsourcing, various reputed companies approach us because , on Management Skills, have expertise in this domain. Our professionals know the difference between providing candidates to companies and providing good candidates to the companies. Therefore, we line up the manpower for the interview only after going through manifold profiles, matching skill-sets with the requirements of the companies and carefully screening the candidates to judge their competency. Owing to our organized selection procedure, we proclaim and assure that we provide the best Manpower Outsourcing services to the companies.

Placement Services

‘VGNitcraftsmen’ is the right platform where the right opportunity meets the right talent.

What We Do

  • Secure the jobs and fulfill the job requirements of the talented job seekers
  • Provide competent workforce to the companies
  • Provide counseling for career start as well as succession
  • Engage not only in Staffing Solutions but also in Mass Hiring
  • Act as a platform for negotiation

We have a specialization in recruiting the manpower for the various organizations. Different organizations have different needs and we understand them all. Therefore, we provide Staffing Solutions only after meticulously studying the particular demands of the companies. After that, we engage in searching of the applicants, screening, selecting the right ones and finally lining them for the interview. Through this organized procedure, we are efficiently able to provide Staffing Solutions, whether it is administrative staff or accounting staff, or any other staff.

A number of New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad based companies have faith in us for providing them Mass Hiring Solutions. We never let the clients down even when they require Mass Hiring. Firstly, our expert professionals carefully study specific skill-sets required by the organization. Secondly, they search for the right candidates by browsing through our extensive database or by various advertisements. Due to our preliminary screening before lining the candidates for the interview, we are able to provide the companies with the best Mass Hiring Solutions.